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Custom Garden Design: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Garden

Client: Kathie & Wally in Lake Geneva, WI Custom Garden Design Modern farmhouse kitchen garden featuring design elements like: Garden Installation Process: I had so much fun designing this unique project. Kathie and Wally recently added a white shed to... Read More

Raised Beds or In-Ground Gardens: Which is Better?

Raised Beds vs. In-Ground Gardens Here’s a question I get asked weekly from clients: should I garden in-ground or purchase raised beds? Well, they’re both great options! There are pros and cons to both in-ground and raised beds, and it’s... Read More

Custom Garden Design: Stunning Corten Garden

Stunning Corten Garden If “Corten garden” is a new term for you, I’m so excited to introduce this beautiful option for raised-bed gardening. The Montes family chose a Corten garden not only because the steel has a gorgeous patina, but... Read More

Custom Garden Design: The Perfect Beginner Garden

New gardeners can sometimes lack confidence due to their inexperience. If you want a handy helper, my garden-to-table guidebook takes you through every single step of a successful gardening season. Grab one today – it’s like having a garden coach... Read More

Custom Garden Design: Oglesby Gardens

Thinking about starting your own raised bed kitchen garden? Check out these custom garden designs for inspo!: Kitchen Garden Trio A Family Kitchen Garden The Perfect Beginner Garden... Read More