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Edible kitchen garden design, installation and health coaching with Katie Oglesby

garden consulting with Katie Oglesby garden designer Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


I’m Katie, the Garden Girl and I create gardens that make it fun and easy to elevate your home, garden, diet, and life! There’s nothing better than using freshly harvested ingredients in your home-cooked meals or arranging flowers from your very own yard. Fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables provide daily inspiration (and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors).

A healthy garden leads to a healthier you. 

As a garden consultant and a certified health coach, my specialty is designing gardens that help you reach your health and lifestyle goals. Green, growing things can lift your spirits, functional outdoor spaces make it easier to be active, and I’ve personally seen how gardens can bring families closer together (even if it’s just around the kitchen table, wondering what on EARTH to do with a rutabaga). 

Gardens truly are a way to heal your body, clear your mind, nourish your soul, and love your life. 

Join me on a garden-centered path to health.

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Edible garden design, installation and coaching for gardeners of all levels
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Decorative garden & cutting flower garden design, installation and coaching
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Healthy lifestyle coaching that supports your goals and helps you feel your best
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