Ready to start small and get your hands dirty? This 32 square foot garden is perfect for the beginner gardener. Don’t underestimate what you can grow in a small space! It’s easily tucked into most landscapes, but allows enough space to grow all your favorite produce – for this family, eggplant was a must!

Client: Haley, Dan, & Sally

Location: Burlington, WI

Design: 2 4×4 cedar beds with 32 sq. ft. total growing space, this is the perfect size for an intro to gardening. We added a lattice arch connecting the two beds for additional vertical growing space.

Process: We kept this small and manageable for first-time gardeners, and easily accessible to kiddos. Since the clients had no previous gardening experience, we were there every step of the way, from the initial planning phase (figuring out space, design, and what to plant) through the installation of the beds & lattice, with plenty of advice and guidance for these new gardeners to enjoy a bountiful harvest.


Favorite Part: “‘Beginner’ is an understatement to describe our gardening skillset – we knew NOTHING about gardening.  Katie helped us build the garden of our dreams!  We are thrilled to be able to grow our own healthy organic produce.”