When we met the Montes’, Alex was working with a raised bed border garden that just wasn’t suiting her. The garden was 4’ deep and against a fence, making upkeep and harvest difficult. (A good rule of thumb is to keep border gardens no larger than 2’-3’ deep so that you can easily reach every plant in your garden!) We removed the existing border garden structure and installed a beautiful, easily accessed, abundant kitchen garden to fulfill this family’s needs.


Mark, Alex, & Elaina


Highland Park, Illinois


Two L-shaped Cor-Ten steel beds with a custom-made arch designed to match the architecture of the home. The Cor-Ten will patina in the weather and turn a beautiful rusty color. Blue Shadow Stone was used for the walkways to match their existing landscaping tiles and beautifully offset the rusted color of the Cor-Ten beds.


We decided to put in an all-new set up for this family garden to keep it in style with their home. Moving away from the fence, we decided the most convenient placement was right off the patio and grill area, making it super easy to grab fresh produce to prepare meals and adding a visually appealing detail to their backyard landscaping.

Favorite Part:

Mark loves kale in everything, and we created a space specifically for a smoothie garden to provide fresh produce for Mark’s morning smoothies.

Plans to Expand:

There’s always the option to add a matching garden on the other side of the patio!