Happy holidays! It’s that time of year again, where everyone is bustling around buying presents and preparing for the upcoming holidays (which always sneak up quicker than I expect!). If you’ve got a gardener in your life, here’s my guide to the perfect holiday gifts for gardeners.

(Pssst… these are also great gift ideas if you need to treat yourself this holiday season. Just sayin.’)

Before we get to the best gifts for gardeners. . .

But first, I want to pause for a moment. It’s no secret that this time of year can be super stressful. I try to avoid the stress by setting intentions for the holiday season. And after spending a year solidifying goals with my garden-to-table membership group, I’ve decided I’m not buying any stuff for gifts this year. 

Will you make the pact with me? No pairs of socks. No cutesy mugs, no pre-packaged gift baskets.

Instead, let’s spread the gift of gardening this holiday season! You can give home-made gifts sourced from your garden, or set up your loved ones to dig in and elevate their own gardens. Need some ideas? Check out my recommendations for the best gifts for gardeners on your list!

Gifts for Gardeners: The Garden-to-Table Chef

Elevate Garden-to-Table Fecipes with Smithey Cookware 

From cast iron skillets,  grill pans, and dutch ovens to carbon steel woks, every piece of Smithey Cookware is hand forged and designed to last a lifetime. This is the perfect gift for a gardener who’s also an aspiring garden-to-table chef. You can use this cookware on any stove top (yes, even electric!), in the oven, on the grill, or right over a campfire. I’ve been buying one piece of Smithey Cookware per year to add to my collection. Ever since the sourdough class with my garden-to-table group members, I’ve been using my dutch oven to bake fresh loaves of sourdough on the weekend. There is nothing cozier! Smithey Cookware is functional, beautiful, versatile, and durable and made in the USA.

Grow Microgreens with Hamama Greens

Make wilty grocery-store greens a thing of the past with Hamama Greens microgreen growing kits. How convenient would it be to freshly harvest microgreens for your morning smoothie right in your kitchen? Hamama’s growing kits make the whole process as easy as possible making them perfect gift for garden newbies. Kits come with bamboo and ceramic frames, taking this from a mini-garden to a kitchen centerpiece. Haven’t jumped on the microgreen train yet? They also offer growing kits for green onions, herbs, & garlic. Code: SUPERGREENS saves 10%

Improve Gut Health with Kombucha Kamp

Avoid the illnesses that come with winter by learning how to kombucha! Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea with probiotics that optimize gut health. Brewing kombucha may seem daunting to someone who has never done it before, but it’s actually much easier than you think. With the price of bottled kombucha rising in stores, you’ll be amazed at how cheap it is to make a batch kombucha at home! Get all the supplies, recipes, kits, and inspiration needed to make a fizzy batch of kombucha at Kombucha Kamp.

Homemade Gifts From Your Garden

The best way to convince your loved ones to garden with you? Share the bounty of your garden with them and show them how they’re missing out! I don’t know about you, but handmade gifts are extra special to me – both to give and receive! Turn your garden harvest into gifts like infused oils & vinegars, garden tea blends, and canned tomato sauce, pickles, jams, etc.. Who knows; when your loved ones realize the creativity and abundance a garden can bring into your life, maybe they’ll be inspired to start their own!

Gifts for Gardeners: The Newbie

Raised Beds

Olle Garden is having some great sales on raised beds right now. You can get your raised beds for the upcoming year, or drop a major hint to your loved ones. Olle Gardens specializes in beautiful metal raised garden beds that make the perfect gift for gardeners on your list. Olle raised garden beds are perfect for a new gardener because they are quick to set up, require minimal maintenance, and are an easy way to transform your yard.

Organic Seeds

What gift does any new gardener need? Something to grow! Share your favorite varieties to grow with a new gardener by gifting seeds from: 

True Leaf Market (Your one-stop shop for all things gardening. True Leaf is my go-to for non-GMO organic seeds. Their variety is unmatched and the quality is top-notch) 

High Mowing Seeds (100% organic seeds with vegetable, flower, herb, and cover crop seeds available, as well as a great selection of supplies for seed starting).

Botanical Interests (They’ll always have you covered with a great variety of quality seeds. And remember, if you don’t want to pick out seeds for someone else, you can always send a gift card!)

A Garden Tower

Have y’all heard of the Garden Tower Project? Thinking you don’t have enough space to garden is a thing of the past with garden towers. If you or a loved one has been thinking about starting a garden for a while but is short on space, a garden tower is the perfect solution.  These vertical growing towers are easy to grow in and can fit into small spaces (or quickly moved out of the way thanks to wheels on the bottoms of the towers). This is such a convenient option for growing some greens or herbs right on the patio.

Gifts for Gardeners: The Aspiring Homesteader

Fruit Trees

Stark Brothers is a one-stop shop for adding fun perennial plants and trees to the garden. They have a great selection of fruit trees, nut trees, berry plants, and other garden supplies. With a wide range of products at all price points, at Stark Brothers you can buy for everyone on your list!

Heirloom Seeds & Flower Bulbs

Eden Brothers offers a huge selection of non-GMO seeds including heirloom, organic, herbs, veggies, rare flowers, and flower bulbs. In addition to an extensive catalog of seeds, they have planting guides with videos if you’re taking the leap into new veggies and fruits, as well as zone maps so you can make sure you choose seeds with optimum growth for your area. NOW is the time to order dahlia and ranunculus bulbs; remember, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in demand for seeds in the last few years. Buy now so come summer these beautiful flowers can attract pollinators in your garden and you can create stunning cut flower arrangements for your home.

Protective Solutions to Eradicate Garden Pests & Disease

Arber offers a range of plant wellness products to boost your garden’s growth and support and protect your plants. Made out of naturally occurring elements, Arber biologicals support both plant and soil health and are safe for people, pets, and the environment. 

If you aren’t quite sure which product is for you, they have a helpful quiz to match you with the right individual solution. I recommend the Holistic Kit for well-rounded garden health, or if you’re buying as a gift for another gardener. Remember, these are concentrates! This stuff lasts forever and has easy-to-follow directions application, making it an eco-friendly gift for gardeners that will work in any yard.

(Need any more convincing? Enter KATIEOGLESBY15 at checkout for 15% off your order!)

Gifts for Gardeners: Your All-Natural Pal

Organic Skincare 

Primally Pure products are made with real, natural, organic ingredients carefully sourced from family-owned farms, and they are the basis of my daily skincare routine. Get that healthy holiday glow for a little cheaper by using code KATIEOGLESBY10 for 10% off at checkout.

Vibrant Blue Oils are high-quality oil blends formulated to balance key organs and systems of the body. These oils are designed to promote healing and are excellent for supporting the body. I personally love the parasympathetic bend – it’s on my desk and I use it daily. 

Homemade Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oils indoors in the winter time is an aesthetically-pleasing way to bring some brightness back into your day. But, did you know store-bought essential oils can often contain harmful additives? Did you know you can make your own?? If you grow eucalyptus or other herbs and plants, you can infuse your own essential oils! Then just package your homemade essential oil in a cute jar or tincture bottle and you’ve got the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

Kombucha Brewing Class

Kombucha FUNdamentals is a comprehensive course that gives traditional context and discusses modern applications of DIY kombucha. This course walks you through everything you need to get started making kombucha, and takes you all the way to perfecting the flavor and fizz. If you know someone who would appreciate total control over the ingredients in their kombucha, get them this course! Plus, right now they’re running a holiday special so you can get even more bang for your buck.

– – –
Do you know you want to give the gift of growth this year, but you’re not sure how to best go about it? If you’d like to encourage friends or family to take their health into their own hands and dig into gardening, you can always schedule a consultation with me, for them! I can help figure out the best first steps to start a successful garden, or troubleshoot any roadblocks for experienced gardeners. Just set up a call today!

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