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Edible gardens have limitless possibilities, even container gardens in small spaces. I help gardeners of all skill levels and all yard sizes to cultivate culinary gardens that support their goals and passions. 


  • A kitchen garden growing your most-used ingredients
  • A salad garden to support your health goals
  • A cocktail garden to impress your guests
  • A healing herb garden to nurture your loved ones
  • An old-fashioned vegetable patch that brings you back to the land
  • A cottage garden cornucopia of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Or all of the above.


A kitchen garden is an opportunity to incorporate fresh foods in your kitchen and ultimately lead a  healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.  You are able to bask in the process of growing and forging a connection to your food.  Kitchen gardens consist of raised beds typically located near or around your home for easy accessibility to your kitchen.  It is a smaller scale, more manageable opportunity to incorporate gardening into your lifestyle.  You can grow small or large quantities of your favorite veggies while adding an aesthetically-pleasing touch to your home. It’s a simple way to add a little of your own harvest to every meal.


Salad and herb gardens are just that! They are raised beds which provide your favorite greens or herbs at their freshest and most convenient.  They are an opportunity to ease into growing if you are new to gardening. Yet you still get to incorporate fresh herbs in all your meals or have fresh salad for you and your family daily!  Similar to a kitchen garden, they are a low-maintenance, raised bed garden at your home to provide you with lots of fresh healthy organic produce! 


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Perfect for troubleshooting an existing garden that is struggling or you need a few extra tips to maximize your harvests. Discuss planting options for the current season. Virtual coaching session or in person up to a 30 mile radius from Lake Geneva, WI.



Katie O Branding 2021

Perfect for a newer gardener looking for assistance to grow through Wisconsin’s 3 seasons. I’ll be with you from planting spring crops to harvesting fall crops! Virtual coaching session or in person up to a 30 mile radius from Lake Geneva, WI.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~Audrey Hepburn


Katie O

Do you have a garden and want to take it to the next level? Or, maybe you have a garden, but feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done – broken irrigation, weeds out of control, critters and bugs eating your crops, funny-looking leaves, failure-to-thrive beds, non-producing or under-producing fruit trees… 

Take a deep breath – I’ve got you! 

We’ll do an in-depth garden assessment to take away the overwhelm and give you a manageable, step-by-step plan to bring your garden back into order, so you can enjoy it and let it nourish you!

In this coaching session, we will…

  • Identify your goals and desires for your garden.
  • Troubleshoot any issues you’re experiencing. 
  • Review what plants are likely to thrive in your garden’s location, throughout the seasons, and create a personalized planting plan up to 64 square feet of planting space.
  • Take your gardening knowledge to the next level – evaluating your soil and nutrient support options (because the best gardens grow from the best dirt!).
  • Give you a strong starting point, a plan, and solutions so you can start successfully gardening right away.

You’ll receive a follow-up assessment with recommendations for your garden and a planting plan, along with free guides to provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy, thriving garden.

Organic gardening doesn’t have to be hard! The Garden Girl is here for you!


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A 60-minute in person consult (with a 30-minute follow-up call) where we’ll talk about your goals for your garden and draw up a design plan you can implement yourself (DIY!), or have my team install for you. As we brainstorm, I will ask you questions like:

  • What does your dream garden look like? (I love a good Pinterest board!)
  • Who will be enjoying your garden? Kids, dogs, cats, adults? 
  • What are your larger goals around health and wellness?
  • What ingredients do you use most often, and what kinds of foods do you love making? (It’s perfectly okay if you need a grab-and-go garden too. Not everyone cooks!)

And we’ll determine a location and design that best fits your needs and goals, taking into account:

  • Your home’s architecture
  • Location & sun exposure
  • Water source/irrigation
  • Accessibility

Together, we’ll design a space that reflects your taste and lifestyle goals, and get you started with clear instructions on how to grow your own successful, delicious garden.

You’ll receive 

  • a professional conceptual drawing of your edible garden
  • A plant guide and planting plan for your new garden up to 64 square feet of planting space. 
  • Growing a Healthy Garden Guide.
  • Estimates for turnkey installation or DIY kits

And if you need clarification, some troubleshooting, or have a question — a 30-minute follow-up call is included! 

If you are outside Walworth County and are interested in a Consult!  Book a 15-min free discovery call or head to the Contact page and send me an email for a consult estimate based on your location.


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Book your consult

Get the garden you crave ready to go in time for planting and harvest! When we do our garden consultation and design together, you have the option to let me do the heavy lifting (well, me and my team!) to build it. Price depends on size of garden and choice of materials. Turnkey gardens start at $8000.  

This also comes with a garden maintenance coaching session to teach you how to successfully maintain your edible garden.

Pssst! Hey you!

You there! – the one who’s killed every plant you’ve ever had, even the cactus?

You can do this too.

You don’t have to be a Master Gardener to grow your own food. 

I’m here to help.

If you are outside Walworth County and are interested in a Consult, Book a 15-min free discovery call or head to the Contact page and send me an email for a consult estimate based on your location.

My husband and I have had a small garden for the last five years.  We had a challenging season in 2018, and opted out of growing one in 2019. Katie motivated me to try again this year.  With her education and guidance, our garden has prospered.  Katie’s perspective on educating others to grow their own food, along with supporting local farmers, is inspiring!  Thanks to her suggestions on everything from growing methods to protecting your plants from wildlife, Now I’m experiencing the joy of watching plants that we’ve never planted before blossom into food; Katie has brought back the joy of gardening for me!

-Eric & Jessica


If you are unsure of what type of garden service best fits you and your family’s needs, or if you are unsure about adding a garden and have a few questions first, let’s chat.

20-minute free exploratory call