I want to empower people to fall in love with food and make it up close and personal.  The reward of growing and nurturing it through the process of growing into this nutrient dense food for us.  

I would love the opportunity to help guide you on ideas to start incorporating growing fresh food or herbs into your life.  Big or small, I feel that any opportunity we have to connect to your food, nurture it, grow  from a tiny seed and then incorporate it into our meals to help nourish  our body adds value to our lives.  

If you are interested in incorporating crisp, fresh vegetables into your cooking, let’s collaborate to design a salad or kitchen garden that meets the needs of your family without the frustration and cost of trial and error.  You don’t have to be a master gardener to put quality food on the table for your family and friends. Let’s start growing quality organic foods together that help us maintain our well-being and the well-being of our environment.


A kitchen garden is an opportunity to incorporate fresh foods in your kitchen and ultimately lead a  healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.  You are able to bask in the process of growing and forging a connection to your food.  Kitchen gardens consist of raised beds typically located near or around your home for easy accessibility to your kitchen.  It is a smaller scale, more manageable opportunity to incorporate gardening into your lifestyle.  You can grow small or large quantities of your favorite veggies while adding an aesthetically-pleasing touch to your home. It’s a simple way to add a little of your own harvest to every meal.


Salad and herb gardens are just that! They are raised beds which provide your favorite greens or herbs at their freshest and most convenient.  They are an opportunity to ease into growing if you are new to gardening. Yet you still get to incorporate fresh herbs in all your meals or have fresh salad for you and your family daily!  Similar to a kitchen garden, they are a low-maintenance, raised bed garden at your home to provide you with lots of fresh healthy organic produce! 


Katie O

If you have wanted a garden but don’t know where to start or are feeling overwhelmed? 

Looking to revitalize your existing Garden? 

Yes? Then Garden Coaching is for you!

I offer a 60 minute Garden Coaching Session virtually for us to discuss the goals of your garden. 

Together we will:

  1. Identify the goals  and desires of your garden.  
  2. Discuss the location of your new or existing garden. 
  3. Review the plants that will thrive in your gardens location and throughout your gardening seasons.  
  4. If you have an existing garden then we will take your skills to the next level!
  5. Provide you with the knowledge and skills to maintain your healthy garden.

Let’s remove the overwhelm, give you a starting point, plan and troubleshooting so you can start successful gardening right away! 

I’d love to be your coach & teach you how to grow and nourish your garden and yourself. I am here for you!



Katie O

Are you ready to design your garden oasis at your home that will feed your soul, nourish your body and enrich your favorite meals?  Together we will create a space that reflects your personal taste and style.

This option is  available to you if you are  looking for a higher level of support designing and constructing your Kitchen Garden and residing in Walworth County, WI. Consult is a 60 minute in person consult with a 30 minute follow up troubleshooting call.  

Together we will:

  1. Discuss the goals and objectives of your Kitchen Garden. 
  2. Determine a location & design that best fits your families desires and home design.
    • Location & sun exposure.
    • Water source/irrigation
    • Aesthetics & accessibility
  3. Provide you with a drawing of your proposed location
  4. DIY install instructions including 
    • Recommended soil blend
    • Area preparation
    • Suggested planting plan
  5. Estimate for raised beds/trellis if requested.
  6. Estimate for turnkey Kitchen Garden install if requested.

Transform your health and home with this custom Kitchen Garden step by step consult! 

If you are outside Walworth County and are interested in a Consult!  Book a 15-min free discovery call or head to the Contact page and send me a email to see if we are a good fit to work together!


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~Audrey Hepburn

My husband and I have had a small garden for the last five years.  We had a challenging season in 2018, and opted out of growing one in 2019. Katie motivated me to try again this year.  With her education and guidance, our garden has prospered.  Katie’s perspective on educating others to grow their own food, along with supporting local farmers, is inspiring!  Thanks to her suggestions on everything from growing methods to protecting your plants from wildlife, Now I’m experiencing the joy of watching plants that we’ve never planted before blossom into food; Katie has brought back the joy of gardening for me!

-Eric & Jessica