Garden to Table Membership

the garden to table membership

   a group for locals

to live your garden-to-table dreams

The next round starts March 1, 2024.

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for beginner gardeners & aspiring homesteaders in SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

You have goals for your garden — you want to be closer to nature, teach your children where their food comes from, live a healthier lifestyle, maybe even grow enough of your own food to be self-sustaining. You have visions of homemade preserves, fresh fruit pies, and home-grown herbal teas for every ailment. 

Or maybe you’ve just been watching a lot of cottage-core videos on youtube (I’m not gonna judge).

The truth is, gardening IS a beautiful lifestyle! It makes us feel good in body and mind to get out into the sun and sink our hands into the soil.


You can’t sprout so much as a nasturtium seed

You lose your kale to worms (happens to the best of us)

Your plants wither and droop (are you watering too much? Not enough?)

You’re not sure when to harvest (is this squash ready yet?!)

Should those leaves be curling that way?

And, my favorite: WHAT IS THIS BUG!?!?!?!?!?

No, you don’t have a “black thumb” — here’s what green thumbed gardeners won’t tell you:

Gardening is the art of killing fewer plants over time.

Even daisy-crown-wearing Earth Mothers frolicking through lush beds of arugula started out wondering WHY their carrots are the size of pinky fingers when the TOPS are 2 feet high.

It’s a learning process! And with knowledgeable support and the right setup, your plants will be thriving in no time. (And so will you!)

I’m here to help you become the organic gardener you dream of being in this group class for aspiring gardeners in SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Katie Oglesby, garden designer Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Every gardening question has an answer, and in the Garden to Table membership, you will learn those answers alongside gardening enthusiasts just like you. It’s really fun to nerd out over companion planting with companions!

Let’s cultivate a growth mindset together.

how it works

This is a 12 month Live and Online group program designed for locals to the SE Wisconsin and Northern Illinois areas (aka. Driving distance to my house and our field trip locations!). We’ll be meeting online in group calls AND in person to practice our skills hands-on — in the garden and the kitchen (hello Canning Party!).

The minute you become a member, I will send you my 140-page Garden to Table Guidebook AND instant access to my Video & Resources library (a $300 value). There you will find instructions on:

  • Materials to have before our first class (ex. Seed starter kit and seeds)
  • Any prep you should do before we meet (ex. How to plan what you’d like to plant for the upcoming season)
  • Worksheets to plan your garden goals, layout, planting dates and more
  • Pruning tips, What to plant WHEN lists, Seedling care
  • Recipes and preservation tips (including a simple canning cheat sheet!)
Katie Oglesby, garden designer Lake Geneva Wisconsin

And a lot more (the guidebook alone is 140 pages - it is comprehensive!)

new program starts January 1, 2024

  • We meet twice a month – with 1 Office Hour with Katie as a Group on Zoom. 
  • One monthly Group call will feature a guest expert who will take us deeper into fun things, like making Kombucha, cut flower arranging, functional medicine, and much more.

$59/month or $590/year (get 2 month free AND a hard copy of the 140-page workbook)

Katie 2022

call times

Our group calls are usually on Thursdays at 12pm or 7pm CST. However, times may change due to member availability (you help set our call times!) and guest expert availability. I do my best to ensure call times work for all members.

you will also get:

  • A monthly tutorial video appropriate to the season, like pruning skills, seed sprouting and composting.
  •  Garden-to-table recipes for each season.
  • Preservation tips, including freezing, dehydrating, canning, pickling and fermenting.
  • Ideas for how to use what you’ve harvested and preserved in creative ways (especially handy when you have a bumper crop of tomatoes and can only eat so much tomato sauce!).

The goal: Bring a little bit of  your garden into every meal.

this program includes live group workshops & field trips

  • Including (but not limited to):
    • Field trip to a local blueberry & cherry farm
    • Cut flower arranging class
    • Intro to beekeeping field trip
    • Charcuterie board class
    • Fall tablescape class – the ultimate harvest party!
    • My annual members-only Garden to Table Party at my place! 

    The Garden to Table Membership is an ongoing 12 month program. 

Katie 2022

As a first year gardener, I was excited and grateful for Katie’s membership program. I was able to take away an immense amount of valuable information and apply it immediately to my own garden and kitchen. Not only does the program include practical helpful gardening tips, like pruning and succession planning, but methods of creating a lifestyle around a garden-to-table concept. I loved being able to visit Katie’s garden to see how she cares for her plants and sit with her in her kitchen and work through her canning process. The guest speakers were such a great benefit to the program as well. I was able to learn how to create floral centerpieces, make sourdough and work through some of the clutter in my house. Katie has worked so hard to give her members the best information and I look forward to enrolling for year two!


Katie‘s garden-to-table membership not only gave me more confidence in my gardening skills but also a community to learn from and grow with while navigating gardening basics, cooking with a seed-to-plate mentality, and embracing all of the things that gardening and the friendships made in the process has given me. I’d like to think that not only I have benefited from the membership but my family has through what we are growing and how we are using it in our day-to-day lifestyles. I love the easy access that I have to Katie’s knowledge and her numerous resources through the direct messaging system, so I can rest assured that I have accurate answers for my growing climate and troubleshooting.

– Sam

not sure if this is what you need?

This may not be for you if:


  • You find yourself spending more time searching for the latest and greatest garden tip than actually gardening. My expertise won’t help you if you don’t want to get your hands dirty!
  • You’re not really interested in growing your own food. I am all about beautiful, edible gardens that include flowers but we focus on fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • You live too far to make it to the in-person events. This is a hands-on class designed for our local area and growing conditions, so it works best for locals.

This is for you if:

  • You live in (USDA Hardiness zones 4-7)
    The benefit of learning from a garden instructor in your area (or at least your hardiness zone!) is that I understand the unique soil conditions, weather conditions, season-length and pests we have to work with. If you’ve been led wrong by seed packet instructions or gardening books, it’s because they probably weren’t written for your growing conditions.”
  • You have a garden or we’ve worked together to build you one!
    I originally designed this as a way to help my clients succeed with their gardening dreams after we worked together to build their raised beds and irrigation systems. If that’s you, perfect!If you already have a garden setup that’s working with you, that’s great too. This membership is ideal for gardeners who’d love support, community, a little accountability to get the garden chores done, and an expert to answer their questions.
  • You would love a combo of expertise and accountability.
    Get accountability to get out in your garden as much as you’d like to (I know it’s not always easy to make it a priority, and YOU know how good you feel when you get out there!)Avoid getting ‘stuck’ on garden issues with monthly gardening Q&A calls, and motivation from other group members
Katie Oglesby, garden designer Lake Geneva Wisconsin

this is also for you if...

You don’t have a green thumb

You don’t like to cook

You don’t have a ton of free time (who does?!)

This program is designed to be simple enough for beginners, advanced enough for serious homesteaders, and easy enough for busy parents and workers to fit it into your schedule.

Join us to connect with nature, your food and each other — that’s what gardening is all about.

join garden to table

For year-round support from planting through preserving (and beyond).

$59/month or $590/year (get 2 month free)

Katie 2022

From soil to seeds, tools, watering, pruning and harvesting…Katie covers it all! It’s all in one spot which makes it so easy to have the info right at your fingertips. I love the guest speakers she hosts, the classes that not only teach us the how-to’s of growing a garden, but also what we can do with the harvests afterward. The recipes!!! It’s literally start to finish guidance and Katie delivers it in a way that’s not only easy to understand, but also easy to incorporate right away. And it’s fun! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the membership group and the knowledge I’ve gained has helped me have success and enjoy beautiful foods from my garden. 



Katie Oglesby, garden designer Lake Geneva Wisconsin

My husband and I have had a small garden for the last five years.  We had a challenging season in 2018, and opted out of growing one in 2019. Katie motivated me to try again this year.  With her education and guidance, our garden has prospered.  Katie’s perspective on educating others to grow their own food, along with supporting local farmers, is inspiring!  Thanks to her suggestions on everything from growing methods to protecting your plants from wildlife, Now I’m experiencing the joy of watching plants that we’ve never planted before blossom into food; Katie has brought back the joy of gardening for me!

– Eric + Jessica

   a group for locals

to live your garden-to-table dreams

The next round starts March 1, 2024.

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