Client: Kathie & Wally in Lake Geneva, WI

Custom Garden Design

Modern farmhouse kitchen garden featuring design elements like:

  • Two 2’ x 8’ cedar beds
  • Two 12’ x 10’ L-shaped cedar beds
  • Two custom arches 
  • Six custom obelisk trellises

Garden Installation Process:

I had so much fun designing this unique project. Kathie and Wally recently added a white shed to their farmhouse property, and Harvard Nursery prepped the garden space while the landscaping was being done. Then, it was my turn!

We added a kitchen garden between the building structures, complete with a personal touch from the homeowners that turned this from a garden to a full-blown oasis: a cozy fire pit area with lounge chairs right in the middle of the raised beds. The garden really connects the property by providing a cohesive outdoor living space between the house and the new shed. 

This property already had a beautiful established style, so all I had to do when designing the garden was stay in line with the existing aesthetic. One of my favorite details is the pair of signature arches that bookend the entrance and exit to the garden. We went with a square tubing to pull in the modern farmhouse vibe. The raised beds closest to the entrance are filled with flowers like climbing hydrangeas and climbing veggies like cherry tomatoes which will make their way over the custom arches. When you enter this garden, you’ll be completely surrounded by plants – sounds like heaven!

The natural cedar beds accent the white farmhouse and shed, without getting too matchy. The natural finish stays inline with the farmhouse feel, and we pulled in the white with the Adirondack chairs. These clients are the owners of an interior design boutique (hence the great style), and the cute pillows on the chairs are from their shop, Fontana Home. Let me tell you, at night when the strings of lights are lit, this is such a magical, cozy space.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Garden Highlights: 

“We are beyond thrilled with our new garden. From the very beginning stages of design all the way through the installation, working with Katie and her husband Matt was perfection!” – Kathie

Personally, I love when style and function can come together in one garden design. This garden has so much growing space, the harvests are going to be impactful. And visually this garden is just stunning. We all could do with spending a little more time outdoors, and it’s easy with a garden space as inviting as this.

Are you ready to add a little kitchen garden magic to your home?