Ever heard of Vego Gardens? These modular, elevated garden beds are a great economical option and are easily customized to fit the space, size, and style of your garden. The Vego garden we installed for Becky and Ryan is the perfect example of a kitchen garden for busy people that can be easily fitted for small yards.

Client: Becky & Ryan


Twin gray Vego modules elevated on pavers provide 36 sq. ft. growing space with custom-made cedar trellises in each Vego container. 


The trellises provide extra growing space for climbing plants like cucumbers, tomatoes, and peas. To finish the installation, we added pavers in between the  Vego containers for easy access to the beds when maintaining and harvesting. 

Favorite Part:

While we have installed Vego gardens before, this one was extra special. Ryan gifted this garden as a surprise to Becky for their 10th Anniversary, a beautiful gesture toward their growth together. 


Location: Lake Geneva, WI