If lack of space has ever held you back from gardening, let me inspire you to reconsider your options with this garden install.  These first-time gardeners proved you can tuck a garden in anywhere, even in your driveway!

Client: Brittany & Shawn

container garden installation by Katie Oglesby, Lake Geneva WI


Retro mint Vego containers that compliment the aesthetics of their house, with 42 sq. ft. of growing space.


This was a DIY garden that started with a consult. After assessing the limited full-sun growing spaces, we decided to re-home the hostas that were lining the driveway to the back yard, freeing up that space to install the Vego containers. We chose to go with Vego containers because it kept the aesthetic clean and in-style with the house, the size wasn’t overwhelming for beginner gardeners, and it was easier to maintain the limited space of the garden area.

Favorite Part:

When you pull your car into the driveway, an aroma of fresh basil immediately surrounds you. It smells so good to be home! And bringing all the veggies right inside to eat, real garden-to-table style dining.

Plans to Expand:

We’ve made the most of the space they have available. Now it’s time to enjoy the harvest!


container garden installation by Katie Oglesby, Lake Geneva WI