We’ve been busier than ever this summer creating personalized plans and installing kitchen gardens for local clients. The biggest design we did this year was for Sam & Chad, a local couple who are both professionals in the health and wellness space (Registered Dietician & Chiropractor, respectively). Sam & Chad feel food is medicine and wanted to be able to grow their own nutritionally dense food while including their kids in the growing process. 

Client: Sam & Chad and their three kiddos, Arley & Brady

Location: Elkhorn, WI

Style: homesteader modern – the garden itself is a DIY Hybrid

Process: Sam & Chad are both new to gardening, so we started with 4 4×12 beds (192 sq. ft.) of growing space, leaving room to expand the kitchen garden as they grow their gardening skills. As we continue to build, the space is designed to eventually have 448 sq. ft. of growing space, expanding to maximize the harvest of fruits and veggies and supplement their grocery bill.

Sam’s Favorite Part: “Seeing the excitement on my children’s faces when flowers blossomed, when vegetables were ready for harvest, and when they were able to observe bees pollinating various plants are some of my favorite memories of this summer’s gardening adventure. And serving our family meals from “seed to plate” has been one of my favorite aspects of the entire experience.”

Plan to Expand: “Our first year of having a family garden has been both a blessing and a sharp learning curve! Building our garden space (literally) was a humbling experience, but we loved that our entire family was part of the process. Once everything was settled, seeds/plants were planted, and new growth began, it was truly a magical experience. Being that this was our family’s first garden experience, we decided to do more of a traditional gardening layout, to keep things simple. Now that my confidence in gardening has increased, next year we plan to do more of the kitchen garden layout – one of the reasons for this was having had the opportunity to tour both Katie’s kitchen garden and traditional garden where she was able to explain the benefits of each approach, but most importantly, the volume of growth possible with the kitchen garden approach.”

Overall, we had a wonderful first-year experience and are already planning what we will be planting this fall as well as next spring… and adding more garden boxes as well! Growing our own food has been humbling, eye-opening, fun, and has saved us quite a bit of money at the grocery store! Most importantly, getting our hands dirty, breathing in the fresh air, learning, and serving our family meals from “seed to plate” has been one of my favorite aspects of the entire experience.

Starting to grow your own food for your family can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re starting from scratch, but the satisfaction of growing, harvesting, and eating food that you started from seeds is so rewarding. Our garden coaching and installation services are extremely customizable, so no matter your experience, available space, or skill level, in just one growing season you can start to reap the rewards.

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