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Garden to Table Lunchbox Meals: Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Kids

When your kiddos head back to school and the whole family’s schedule shifts around, it can be hard to maintain the garden to table lifestyle. The foods you eat fuel your body, so creating healthy meals from your garden is... Read More

June Harvest: 7 Things I’m Picking From My Garden This Month (and How I’m Using My Harvest!)

Want a little sneak peek into my weekly routine in the month of June? While I usually have to wait until late July/August for a big harvest in the Midwest, we’re still enjoying plenty of ripe fruits and veggies at... Read More

How to Grow Edible Flowers in Your Kitchen Garden

Ready to elevate your garden and plate? Grow some edible flowers in your kitchen garden!  Who wouldn’t want to transform a traditional veggie patch into a vibrant haven of edible blooms?!  Some perks growing edible flowers include: How to Use... Read More

Must-Have Garden Tools for  Gardeners

What garden tools do you really need? There are so many different garden tools and gadgets out there, but if you’re a beginner in the garden, these essential tools you need to get started. Seasoned gardeners know you can make... Read More

How to Live the Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonally (Spring Edition)

Eating Seasonally: Spring Veggies Spring has sprung and you know what that means? Fresh veggies are back in season, baby! After a long winter of hearty meals and a lot of root vegetables, I’m ready to switch up my garden-to-table... Read More

10 Cold-Hardy Flowers to Add Color to Your Spring Garden

As a Wisconsin gardener, I know that the cool season can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to adding color to your garden. But fear not, there are plenty of cold-hardy flowers that will add vibrancy to... Read More

Grow Your Own Herbs: Boost Your Health and Wellness (the natural way!)

Besides being the secret ingredient to flavor-packed recipes, garden herbs have a wide variety of health benefits. I’ve listed some easy-to-grow herbs to boost your health and wellness the natural way.  I encourage you to grow at least one variety... Read More

Seed Starting 101: Growing from Scratch

As far as copious amounts of wildly varying internet information goes, seed starting takes the cake. So I’m going to walk you through seed starting 101, the way  I do it, with suggestions based on my own first-hand experience. I’m... Read More