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Prep for Your Kitchen Garden in the Off Season

There’s no shortage of tasks you can do in the slower winter months to prep your kitchen garden for spring. Take the opportunity to prepare a plan for your garden so you can reflect on past growth and set future... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Fresh Garden Tomato Sauce

Are you ready to try my newest garden-to-table recipe creation? Good, cuz it’s delicious. Although, the first comment out of my husband’s mouth as I was whipping up this garden-to-table tomato sauce was, “What, no meat?” Cue my eye roll!... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Strawberry Rhubarb Galette

I remember the sweet and sour stickiness of strawberry rhubarb pies in June from summers as a kid, but in adult-hood, I’ve elevated those flavors by making a strawberry rhubarb galette with rhubarb I picked in my own garden. If... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: My Favorite Farro Salad

I love this farro salad because it is very seasonally versatile; just switch out ingredients with whatever is currently growing in your kitchen garden! What is Farro? If you’ve never had farro before, it’s a highly-nutritious grain with a nutty... Read More

Organic Herbs for a Kitchen Garden

Why You Should Grow Organic Herbs in Your Kitchen Garden Herbs are so easy to grow, making them great for beginner gardeners. For being tender greens, organic herbs pack a flavor punch. You can throw out all the fake processed... Read More