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How to Live the Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonally (Spring Edition)

Eating Seasonally: Spring Veggies Spring has sprung and you know what that means? Fresh veggies are back in season, baby! After a long winter of hearty meals and a lot of root vegetables, I’m ready to switch up my garden-to-table... Read More

Seed Starting 101: Growing from Scratch

As far as copious amounts of wildly varying internet information goes, seed starting takes the cake. So I’m going to walk you through seed starting 101, the way  I do it, with suggestions based on my own first-hand experience. I’m... Read More

Eating Clean: A Guide to Reading Product Labels and Making Healthy Choices

If you’ve ever thought about living a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably come across the term “eating clean.” But, do you really know how to eat clean, or would a guide to reading product labels help you out when it comes... Read More

Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonal Foods (Fall Edition)

Despite the fantastic fall weather we’ve had, the transition to shorter, cooler days beckons us to transition into eating a different group of seasonal foods. And it’s not just because the cooler temps lead to smaller harvests in the garden;... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Homemade Herb-Infused Oil and Vinegar

Elevate Your Plate: Add Herb-Infused Oil and Vinegar If you didn’t grow up eating fresh herbs, you might be unsure how to add them into your meals. If you’ve been following my herb growing tips and find yourself with a... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Homemade Tea Blends Using Your Kitchen Garden Herbs

How to Use Garden Herbs Have you ever found yourself wondering how you’re possibly going to use up all the herbs in your garden? It’s a good problem to have, but you can only make so much pesto! Well, let... Read More

Prep for Your Kitchen Garden in the Off Season

There’s no shortage of tasks you can do in the slower winter months to prep your kitchen garden for spring. Take the opportunity to prepare a plan for your garden so you can reflect on past growth and set future... Read More

Garden-to-Table Recipe: Fresh Garden Tomato Sauce

Are you ready to try my newest garden-to-table recipe creation? Good, cuz it’s delicious. Although, the first comment out of my husband’s mouth as I was whipping up this garden-to-table tomato sauce was, “What, no meat?” Cue my eye roll!... Read More