The end of the year naturally makes us think about our aspirations and hopes for the future.  If you are looking for ways to plant a little hope for 2021, now is a great time to start thinking about your seed orders for spring.  

Over the past week, Matt and I have been cozying up with our tea (me) and cocoa (matt) in front of the fire to negotiate exactly how many varieties of tomatoes I can add to my order (psst, I have a tomato obsession).  As well as any new additions I can squeeze in. I’ve included some of my favorite seed companies for you to check out.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

We order the bulk of our seeds from Johnny’s as they have high germination percentages.  In our experience, the company does an exceptional job providing educational materials and resources to their customers.  

Matt’s Favorite: Yaya Carrots. New herb this year: the Mexican Mint Marigold- I’ll keep you posted on our thoughts.

Sow True Seeds

Great company for southern growers located in Asheville. I still use them despite not being a southern grower.  Seeds are affordable and germination has always been consistent for me. They have excellent potato varieties!

Favorite Potatoes: Fingerling, Yukon and Purple Majestic

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

A great seed company dedicated to keeping heirloom seeds alive and available.  Seeds are reasonably priced. 

Favorites: All the tomatoes of course! New addition this year: The pink celery-More to come!

Jung Seed

A local option for Wisconsinites.  They are offering more and more organic varieties.  Wide range from veggies to flowers!

Favorite: Organic Wild Arugula

Territorial Seed Company

A leader in the organic agriculture movement. I’m currently reading the original owners book, The Intelligent Gardener. Located in Oregon, great for growers in the Pacific Northwest.  I love the feel of their catalog, it’s a little blast from the past.

Row 7 Seed Company

A seed company comprised of chefs + farmers +  breeders to give you an exceptional culinary experience. 

Favorites: Koginut squash- can’t beat it + Experimental 898 + Beauregard Snow Peas

Nourse  Farms

We have had great luck with their berry plants.  They are not organic plants, however, we grow them using organic methods. The quality of the plants is superior and so is their customer service. 

Favorites: Mac Black & Purple Royalty Raspberries + the purple asparagus varieties outperformed the traditional ones for us this past spring.

Tips for purchasing seeds

  • Prioritize quality. Seeds may all sound the same, however they are not. Quality matters!
  • Source locally if possible. Purchasing from local growers should be top of mind as they know what grows well in your climate or zone. 
  • Pay close attention to climate requirements and growing conditions if you are not able to purchase locally. 
  • Choose organic or naturally-produced. Choose organic seeds when possible.  I personally believe the higher quality the plant( one free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers)  the better quality seeds.  Mother Nature did shows us the way and I believe it’s best if we follow her.
  • Check packaging date. You are looking for seeds packaged close to purchase date.

Happy seed shopping!