2023 Garden to Table Guidebook – E Copy

2023 Garden to Table Guidebook – E Copy


A 140 page guidebook with step-by-step, month by month, season by season instructions on how to grow the edible garden of your dreams


Your very own Garden to Table guidebook to help you stay organized and on track this gardening season:

Part journal, part planner, part instruction sheet, part list, part cookbook, part calendar — this guidebook is designed to not only tell you what to do, when and how to do it — but how to adopt Garden to Table as *your* lifestyle. 

Gardening is a mindfulness practice, a health tonic for ourselves and our loved ones, a way to engage our children and engage with our community. It’s a beautiful way to live. 

In this Guidebook, you will learn how to:

  • Plan your garden around your food needs, health goals, and priorities
  • Work with the soil, light, and space you have
  • Compost and fertilize
  • Know when to plant what (plus succession planting!)
  • Plant shopping and seed ordering
  • Get started with seed starting
  • Planting pollinators (flower power)
  • Trellis (grow vertically!)
  • Prune (when, how, and how much)
  • USE your produce with dozens of fun recipes
  • Preserve your produce to use later or give as gifts


Plus – prompts to journal about your goals for your garden (and your family, and your life), and assessments of where you are as a gardener now (so you can see how much you’ve grown by the end!).

I’ve poured all of my knowledge and my heart into this resource for you, but your best teacher will be your very own garden. Go ahead and get your hands dirty!