2023 Garden to Table Guidebook – E Copy

2023 Garden to Table Guidebook – E Copy



Your very own Garden to Table guidebook to help you stay organized and on track this gardening season:

Your new guidebook is over 140 pages of my tips and tricks to living a garden-to-table lifestyle.

Whether you’ve had a garden for years or you’re a brand new green thumb, you can live your healthiest life right now and it’s not as difficult as you might think. My guidebook details how to live the garden-to-table lifestyle—at every stage of the gardening experience. I lead you through simple steps to curating the garden of your dreams in four sections:

  • The first section focuses on setting up for success. To get what we want out of a garden, we need to know what we want. We explore what a garden means to us, what a garden will require of us, and what we are willing to put into it—without judgment. It includes steps to help you plan the year to reflect your health and garden goals.
  • The second section is technical and practical. This section explains the basic knowledge and techniques needed for garden success, leaving out the excess information that can sometimes make gardening more complicated.
  • The third section focuses on lifestyle, and how to use what we grow to improve our health and the health of our families, including tried-and-true recipes to elevate your fresh garden-to-table lifestyle and maximize your produce bounty by elongating the amount of time you can enjoy fresh or preserved fruits and veggies.  
  • The fourth section is an annual calendar and resource guides for you to plan and take notes on throughout the year. This guidebook is for YOU. Write in it, make notes on recipes, keep your garden calendar, and more with a section for you to fill in with your personal DIY projects. Start tracking your garden succession planting, along with several fill-in-the-blank resource guides to document your success throughout the year. The guides include monthly to-do worksheets, budget worksheets, preservation, fermentation, pantry, and freezer logs.

This guidebook is a great resource for garden newbies and seasoned greenthumbs alike.



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