Garden to Table Signature Course

Garden to Table Signature Course


Let’s go through the entire growing season together, month by month, with video tutorials on everything from when and how to plant, to harvesting, and how to use everything you grow! In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Plan your garden around your food needs, health goals, and priorities
  • Strategize where to plant what (according to the light)
  • Know when to plant what (plus succession planting!)
  • Plant shopping and seed ordering
  • Get started with seed starting
  • Growing microgreens
  • Planting pollinators (flower power)
  • Compost and fertilize
  • Water correctly
  • How to use the space you have to grow your best produce
  • Trellis (grow vertically!)
  • Prune (when, how, and how much)
  • Harvest and turn over crops from warm to cool season
  • Troubleshoot common garden pests and diseases
  • USE your produce with dozens of fun recipes
  • Preserve your produce to use later or give as gifts
  • Winter prep

Your guidebook will keep you organized, and the videos will show you how to do each critical step. But what you’ll also get – which I believe is even more important than the information and how-to’s – are “Day in the Life Videos” that will show you what living the Garden to Table life really looks like.

You’ll see how I fit gardening into my everyday life, what my rhythms are, what shortcuts I use, and how you can make gardening into more than something you do — but integrate it into who you are and how you care for the ones you love.

Looking for even more support?

Join the Garden to Table Membership!

A community of gardeners just like you where we work through each season together.

From soil to seeds, tools, watering, pruning and harvesting…Katie covers it all! It’s all in one spot which makes it so easy to have the info right at your fingertips. I love the guest speakers she hosts, the classes that not only teach us the how-to’s of growing a garden, but also what we can do with the harvests afterward. The recipes!!! It’s literally start to finish guidance and Katie delivers it in a way that’s not only easy to understand, but also easy to incorporate right away. And it’s fun! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone in the membership group and the knowledge I’ve gained has helped me have success and enjoy beautiful foods from my garden.  –Kenna

Katie‘s garden-to-table membership not only gave me more confidence in my gardening skills but also a community to learn from and grow with while navigating gardening basics, cooking with a seed-to-plate mentality, and embracing all of the things that gardening and the friendships made in the process has given me. I’d like to think that not only I have benefited from the membership but my family has through what we are growing and how we are using it in our day-to-day lifestyles. I love the easy access that I have to Katie’s knowledge and her numerous resources through the direct messaging system, so I can rest assured that I have accurate answers for my growing climate and troubleshooting. –Sam

As a first year gardener, I was excited and grateful for Katie’s membership program. I was able to take away an immense amount of valuable information and apply it immediately to my own garden and kitchen. Not only does the program include practical helpful gardening tips, like pruning and succession planning, but methods of creating a lifestyle around a garden-to-table concept. I loved being able to visit Katie’s garden to see how she cares for her plants and sit with her in her kitchen and work through her canning process. The guest speakers were such a great benefit to the program as well. I was able to learn how to create floral centerpieces, make sourdough and work through some of the clutter in my house. Katie has worked so hard to give her members the best information and I look forward to enrolling for year two! –Jenni


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