Garden Consult & Design Gift Certificate

Garden Consult & Design Gift Certificate



Perfect for that special someone who is excited about gardening and needs help getting started!

A 60-minute in person consult (with a 30-minute follow-up call) where we’ll talk about your goals for your garden and draw up a design plan you can implement yourself (DIY!), or have my team install for you. As we brainstorm, I will ask you questions like:

  • What does your dream garden look like? (I love a good Pinterest board!)
  • Who will be enjoying your garden? Kids, dogs, cats, adults?
  • What are your larger goals around health and wellness?
  • What ingredients do you use most often, and what kinds of foods do you love making? (It’s perfectly okay if you need a grab-and-go garden too. Not everyone cooks!)

And we’ll determine a location and design that best fits your needs and goals, taking into account:

  • Your home’s architecture
  • Location & sun exposure
  • Water source/irrigation
  • Accessibility

Together, we’ll design a space that reflects your taste and lifestyle goals, and get you started with clear instructions on how to grow your own successful, delicious garden.

You’ll receive

  • a professional conceptual drawing of your edible garden
  • A plant guide and planting plan for your new garden up to 64 square feet of planting space.
  • Growing a Healthy Garden Guide.
  • Estimates for turnkey installation or DIY kits

This Gift Certificate will expire within 1 year of the purchase date. The consult will be done virtually if outside a 30 mile radius from Lake Geneva, WI. Include your mailing address and a gift certificate will be mailed.