Twin Garden Classic

Twin Garden Classic

September 20, 2021

Garden Design:

2 cedar 8’x4’ beds with twin arches connecting the beds, providing 2 additional vertical growing spaces with 64 sq. ft. of total growing space. 


After installing the beds & arches, landscaping around the beds included upgrading the granite stone and installing pavers between the beds for easy access and a clean visual for a beautiful addition to their backyard. The family put in additional potted flower plants around the main veggie garden beds, making this space a beautiful display of colors in their backyard.

Favorite Part:

“It was wonderful having a summer filled with fresh vegetables. Katie was so supportive and always able to answer my endless questions. There was so little effort as there was no bending over and hardly any weeding. My neighbors couldn’t believe it. We harvested nearly every day…even into October!”

Plans to Expand:

“This fall we pulled everything out except a few perennial herbs that I  hope will make it over the winter.  I thought about putting straw over them for protection, but Katie didn’t recommend it because doing so often leads to more weeds in the spring.”

“Now that we put our beds to bed (ha ha) for the winter,  it makes going back to the store and having to buy flavorless vegetables (especially tomatoes and herbs) painful.  We can’t wait for spring to start growing again and experiment with additional veggie choices and perhaps some new varieties. Summer can’t come soon enough!”