Time to uplevel the garden

Time to uplevel the garden

When we met Maryanne and Bryan, they had dabbled in gardening tomatoes and herbs in planters on their porch, tended a small in-ground bed, and most recently had installed a homemade 8×8 raised bed in their yard. But through all their gardening endeavors, the weeds persisted, sometimes choking out available growth space for the veggies. 

When Maryanne went vegan 3 years ago, it renewed her love of cooking and eating for a healthy lifestyle. After viewing our kitchen garden, she called us up to create a more sustainable garden with greener growing methods and less chemicals all while maximizing the space so herbs, veggies, and edible flowers could all grow together in compact harmony.

Client: Maryann & Bryan

Design: A kitchen garden featuring 3 4’x8’ cedar beds, with cold frames being added for continual winter growth. This garden also features locally custom-made moon arches.


These beds were custom made for a pitched landscape. We made the beds on an angle to accommodate the grade while Maryanne and Bryan stripped the topsoil in the yard and put down stone so that upon install, the beds fit perfectly into the grade of the yard. 

Favorite Part:

“Our kitchen garden was constructed this fall so we are very excited for the upcoming planting season. This garden will not only provide healthy food for our family, but is also aesthetically pleasing. My grandkids think the arches would be great for climbing on, so I can’t wait for them to see the tomatoes doing the climbing.”

“When it comes to construction, compact gardening, gaining the most out of your space, and aesthetics Katie is the best Kitchen Garden coach.”

Plan to Expand:

We’ll be installing covers on the beds to allow planting to begin in February so harvesting can begin as soon as April.  

Maryanne is a small business owner and now sources ingredients from her own garden for the famously delicious soups she serves up at The Coffee Mill in Fontana. If you’re local, be sure to check it out!