Single Cedar Bed with Critter Protection

Single Cedar Bed with Critter Protection

February 2, 2022

Garden Design:

Single Cedar Bed with custom built-in critter protection (8’x4’, 32 sq ft of growing space)

Both sides of the bed fold down for easy access to the garden for maintenance and harvesting.


After installing the beds & arches, landscaping around the beds included upgrading the granite stone a Given that this is the family’s weekend home, we focused on growing vertically in a smaller bed space in order to provide ample protection from scavenging critters and the deer who are always looking for a fresh snack. 3 obelisk trellises were placed in the middle of the bed to maximize and expand the growing space for climbing plants.

Favorite Part:

According to Skyler (age 10), who is the Chief Gardening Officer of the family, “My mom has tried to garden before, but now we actually have a legit garden!” Skyler (and his mom & grandma) were an integral part to installing the garden and planting some of their favorite veggies: cherry tomatoes, Jack Be Little Pumpkins, and cucumbers. 

Plans to Expand:

We decided to fill the additional room we had leftover in the bed with fresh herbs to amp up dad’s grilling masterpieces, as well as some crisp, leafy greens for mom’s fresh salads. After years of having container gardens at their home in the city, the VanKlompenbergs are excited to enjoy fresh veggies on the weekends & expand their garden dreams.

Is your mind racing with all the possibilities this garden space provides? Schedule an info session with me and we can get you started on your path to a personally customized home garden that works for you!