I have always exercised throughout my life.  When I found pilates, I finally felt like found a form of movement that really helped me to connect and understand my body.  Our mental and physical health go hand in hand.  Pilates teaches us to connect to our bodies, improve our breathing, concentration and ultimately, focus.  

Movement is paramount for cleaning up our lives.  Supporting our bodies through movement helps detoxify, strengthen, connect and increase mobility as we age.  Pilates is a practice for all ages and fitness levels which is why I encourage others to adopt this mindful movement practice as part of their clean-it-up lifestyle. Integrating sustainable practices is my top priority in assisting others in their healing journey.   

After incorporating Pilates into my movement routine, I personally experienced fewer injuries, decreased stress, improved breathing and an increase in mobility and flexibility.  My body feels more connected and balanced thanks to the increased core strength from practicing pilates.  This practice really clued me the importance of increasing body awareness and concentration.  

If you reside in the Lake Geneva area and are interested in adding Pilates to your life, please contact me.


“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” ~Joseph Pilates

I’ve always tried to maintain an active lifestyle. As I entered my 50s, it became even more important to maintain strength and flexibility. Pilates wasn’t new to me, but hadn’t been a part of my regular routine. Since beginning Katie’s classes about seven months ago, I’ve noticed an increase in my overall strength and flexibility.  Even my balance has improved. Katie is a creative teacher, always introducing new things. She meets you where you are at, providing modifications, if necessary. At the same time, she encourages you to push towards the progress you seek. Most importantly, she celebrate your wins with you. Her positive spirit and knowledge of Pilates bring me back class after class!