I know you’ve heard me say that gardens can be a place where the whole family comes together to spend time (you know, instead of in front of a television screen), and this is living proof! We just installed this beautiful kitchen garden for Sandy, the mother of a client that we worked with last year. Now Sandy is adding a garden to her property, so they can grow together. Both families have the goal of improving their lifestyles, teaching their kids and grandkids how to grow their own food, and becoming just a little more self-sufficient. And now they are all set for a summer full of bounty.

Client: Sandy (& family) in Mt. Pleasant, WI


In addition to 128 sq. ft. for veggies, we’ve designated 16 sq. ft. for a salad garden, arch trellises for cherry tomatoes, and a 6’ obelisk to accommodate all the vining plants. A raspberry patch rounds out this garden, with 5 different varieties to ensure fruit all summer long, including red, black, and yellow varieties.


I love when clients choose to add fruit and perennial crops to their gardens. In this instance, we chose to use raised beds for every aspect of the garden, which allows for improved aesthetics and lower maintenance (less weeding!).


Sandy’s dear friend Alma also participated in this new gardening experience. A long-time in-ground gardener, we had fun exploring this new, raised-bed intensive-style gardening with her. It is always fun to learn from other gardeners and it’s a good reminder that there is never just one way to grow.