After reflecting on the past year, I’m craving more purpose and simplicity. I’m ready to lean into new growth, and if I had to guess, I’m not the only one. 2020 definitely put things into perspective and taught me I really need to learn how to be grounded in order to continue growing.

This idea first came up in my morning journaling. The questions just popped into my head: Do we need to be grounded to grow? Do I even know how to be grounded? Will being grounded make this year look different than the previous years? 

While many things in life are completely out of our control, I believe we can regain our footing regardless of our circumstances. If you learn how to be grounded, it can help you when life feels overwhelming.

I know that being grounded can mean something different to each person. I’m sharing with you what I’ve learned about how to be grounded. Each person’s journey is different, but maybe this will inspire you.

How to Be Grounded in the Garden

For me, being grounded starts in the garden. Starting a kitchen garden was the path that led toward an intentional life. It has even given my life greater meaning.

However, there are many other tools that are catalysts to accomplish feeling grounded. Regardless of which tool you use to ground yourself, choose one that helps you experience life’s best moments and gifts.

But let’s pause for a moment and ask—what does it mean to be ungrounded?

A feeling of being ungrounded starts in your headspace or mindset. It may manifest in any of the following ways…

  • Frustration about yourself and where you today
  • Trouble getting traction with habits at the time of year when it’s supposed to be the easiest
  • A feeling of being unbalanced because you know you’re not living a life most authentic to you
  • A lack of direction makes it impossible to make a decision
  • A lack of motivation to hop on the latest health and wellness trend
  • Overwhelm with the stresses of life and competition in our  society
  • Confusion on where you should start so that the changes are finally sustainable
  • Mindless purchases and an abundance of clutter to go along with it. 

Emotions are human, and we should face them head-on and allow them to play out. But emotions can become a problem if they keep us stuck in a loop.

So . .

  • Do you want this year to look and feel different from previous years? 
  • Do you want to get more enjoyment out of your life? 
  • Do you want to learn how to get grounded, so you can start enjoying important moments in life?  

For growth to occur we must get ourselves grounded. And I believe one of the very best ways to do this is by starting in the garden.

10 reasons why you should start a garden to feel grounded

  1. Feel an immediate sense of peace if you decide to kick off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet 
  2. Have the opportunity to deepen your relationships–not only with the food you nurture and grow but with those you are growing it with
  3. Discover and appreciate how nature has it all figured out–if you pause and look around you can learn from all the miracles surrounding you
  4. Adopt more plants into your diet and understand the impact they play in your health journey
  5. Savor the meals you make with fresh nutritious foods that you nurtured (the food you grow always tastes better!)
  6. Enhance your meals with flavor and wholesome food 
  7. Understand the impact of this simple hobby that gives back without all the materialism, consumerism, and additional clutter
  8. Feel good about making your mark on living sustainably and helping the planet a little too!
  9. Enjoy the meditative benefits of your new healing space
  10. Cultivate a new understanding of how being outside and connecting to mother nature feels

How are you going to get grounded?

I believe the garden is the gateway toward more purpose, simplicity, and new growth. It invites us to ground into what really matters most, offering us a life closer to what we truly are longing to live. When we open ourselves up to the potential of the garden, we’re able to root deeper into the meaning of our lives—and get clarity on the things that are distracting us from showing up 100%.

Are you ready to get grounded and grow with me?

Let’s plant a Kitchen Garden together.