Itasca, Illinois


Three 10×4 beds with a non-toxic gray milk paint finish, plus one bonus bed for a flower garden.


From the outset, this garden was designed to match the existing modern farmhouse the family lives in. We carried the white, black, and gray color palettes into the garden to create one cohesive aesthetic. The custom trellises we installed were designed with a square rod look to stay consistent with the lines of the home. This garden is a beautiful addition to the family’s landscaping makeover, pairing perfectly with a new patio pergola and outdoor bar to create an oasis in the backyard.

Favorite Part:

As first time gardeners, the family is looking forward to enjoying fresh food straight out of the garden each summer instead of having to go to the grocery store. Mother and daughter are embracing a healthy garden-to-table lifestyle, incorporating more garden fresh foods into their diets with salads, herbs, and veggies.