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Grounded to Grow

After reflecting on the past year I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one craving more purpose, simplicity, and new growth. If there ever was a year to put things into perspective, 2020 surely did it for me. In my morning... Read More

The Magical Market

AS FEATURED ON NO SIDEBAR A few years back my husband and I decided to join the local farmers market. We didn’t hem and haw about this decision; it was more of a whim and a feeling that this was... Read More

Making Space For Growth This Fall

FALL PRUNING At least in Wisconsin, it feels like we are ‘falling’ into fall rather quickly.  I think about all the rituals we have to wind down and prepare for winter as we transition to heartier foods, cozier clothes, toastier... Read More

The Gift I got from Getting my Hands Dirty.

AS FEATURED ON NO SIDEBAR My dirty journey started when I was young. I didn’t have stellar health as a child, despite the fact that I “looked” fine. I had an inflammatory disease called Kawasaki that attacks the heart at... Read More

It’s not just Hair.

MY EXPERIENCE . . . So most have you have read my bio or something where you have learned I had a severe anaphylactic reaction to a chemical in hair color.  I wanted to expand a little more on it... Read More