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Say you’ve already hopped on board and know that buying and eating locally grown food is more sustainable for the optimum well-being of your family’s health and for the growth of your community. You shop at your local mom &... Read More

Gardeners Holiday Gift Guide

Seasons greetings! We’re fully in the swing of the holidays, and while that means sharing delicious meals around the table and quality time with the family, it also can be stressful to find that perfect gift for everyone on your... Read More

The Homegrown Family Kitchen Garden

We’ve been busier than ever this summer creating personalized plans and installing kitchen gardens for local clients. The biggest design we did this year was for Sam & Chad, a local couple who are both professionals in the health and... Read More

Tomato Growing Tips!

We all love growing tomatoes.  They are a staple in the garden most gardeners can’t be without.  However, tomatoes are known to be a little high maintenance compared to other veggies.   Tomatoes start strong and healthy.  You start to see... Read More

Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

As the days are starting to warm up, I find myself craving fresh greens. As we’re falling into the spring season, I also am starting to crave the fresh berries that I know summer will be bringing soon! I came... Read More

Growing & Eating the Rainbow

Are you ready to eat through the rainbow with me? Each color of produce has its own amazing benefits. Check out the most popular fruits and vegetables for each color and get inspired to brighten up your diet! RED +... Read More