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Sick of fighting the potato bugs?

Do you love a perfect mash? Well, I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like. I get all sorts of excited when it comes time to start digging pounds of them out of the garden and piling them up. If... Read More

Growing & Eating the Rainbow

Are you ready to eat through the rainbow with me? Each color of produce has its own amazing benefits. Check out the most popular fruits and vegetables for each color and get inspired to brighten up your diet! RED +... Read More

Grounded to Grow

After reflecting on the past year I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one craving more purpose, simplicity, and new growth. If there ever was a year to put things into perspective, 2020 surely did it for me. In my morning... Read More

Thyme for Herbs in Your Life?

Why do I think it’s thyme for Herbs in your life?   Well, it’s undeniable they are: The easiest to grow which is great for beginner gardeners. Add tremendous flavor to our meals (no need for fake processed flavorings that... Read More

Seed Time! a few favorites

The end of the year naturally makes us think about our aspirations and hopes for the future.  If you are looking for ways to plant a little hope for 2021, now is a great time to start thinking about your... Read More

The Magical Market

AS FEATURED ON NO SIDEBAR A few years back my husband and I decided to join the local farmers market. We didn’t hem and haw about this decision; it was more of a whim and a feeling that this was... Read More

Winter Squash

GARDEN TO TABLE SERIES ​Head over to Nurit Raich to get the Butternut Squash Soup recipe we shared on our Instagram Live this afternoon. If you missed it, here are a few highlights. This is a great staple to complement our seasonal... Read More

Making Space For Growth This Fall

FALL PRUNING At least in Wisconsin, it feels like we are ‘falling’ into fall rather quickly.  I think about all the rituals we have to wind down and prepare for winter as we transition to heartier foods, cozier clothes, toastier... Read More

No Garden? No Problem!

It’s not too late to plants some yummy greens this fall! As fall is rapidly approaching here in Wisconsin,  I’m devastated by the thought that summer is coming to an end.  But luckily, the gardening season is far from over! We... Read More