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How to Vacation-Proof Your Garden

Last year at our garden-to-table dinner party, a guest asked me, “Who babysits your garden when you travel?” I immediately replied, “Why, any takers?!” Well, no one volunteered, and I get it: our garden can be a little intimidating.  As... Read More

Raised Bed Garden vs. In-Ground Garden: Pros and Cons

Here’s a question I get asked weekly from clients: should I garden in-ground or purchase raised beds? And I say, they’re both great options! There are pros and cons to both in-ground and raised beds, and it’s all about choosing... Read More

Southwest Chicken Soup – Garden style

Nothing beats a bowl of warm, hearty soup on these frigid winter days. This Southwest Chicken Soup recipe used 8 ingredients I had preserved from my garden, maximizing the health benefits and providing a phenomenal flavor. I gotta tell you,... Read More