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Late Season Harvests & Laying Your Garden to Rest

Don’t throw in the trowel quite yet (Get it? Trowel instead of towel? Gardening jokes.). Anyway, while we all dread the first frost because it means the end of most of our garden, I’m here to remind you there are... Read More

5 Tips for Adding Perennial Fruit Crops to Your Garden

There’s no two ways about it: adding perennial fruit crops to your garden is a commitment. If you’ve never grown fruit before you might be less confident, and fruiting plants require long-term planning and care. And yet, I find it... Read More

Eating Root-to-Stem: Maximizing Your Harvest by Using the Whole Vegetable

I know I’m guilty of having wasted some of my harvests simply because I was not sure what to do with it, or I because I didn’t realize there was more to enjoy. Turns out, there’s a name for it:... Read More

Planning for Fall: 7 Tips to Elongate Your Growing Season

Do I dare say it? …Yes, fall is coming! And it’ll creep up on us sooner than we think, so now is the perfect time to take a moment to plan for fall harvest so we can utilize all the... Read More

Five Tips to Maximize Your Garden Harvests: Preserving as You Grow

We’re finally in the part of summer where we can start seeing some returns on the hard work we’ve put into our gardens! All my summer favorites are starting to come in, and fast! The key to not falling behind... Read More

Organic Pest Control: Tips for discovering and eradicating pests

Nothing is more devastating than when you’re ready to start your day off on the right foot, out enjoying nature in your garden, and then you see the destruction caused by garden pests or disease. Sure, it’s a part of... Read More

Wellness by Design: a Podcast Recap

I recently had the pleasure of talking about gardening as a path to healthier living with Jane Hogan, The Wellness Engineer, on her podcast Wellness by Design. Jane believes we all have the power to achieve optimal wellness by intentionally... Read More

Best Watering Practices for a Healthy Garden

Yellow Leaves Got You Down? When you have the best intentions for your garden and want to see your plants succeed, it can be hard to hold back from micromanaging, especially early in the season when you want to nurture... Read More