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Time to uplevel the garden

When we met Maryanne and Bryan, they had dabbled in gardening tomatoes and herbs in planters on their porch, tended a small in-ground bed, and most recently had installed a home-made 8×8 raised bed in their yard. But through all... Read More


There’s no shortage of prep you can do for your garden in the slower winter months. Taking the opportunity to prepare a plan for your garden allows you time to reflect on the growth you facilitated last season while setting... Read More

A family kitchen garden in the making

This past fall we connected with the Weimer’s, a family wanting to take a little more control over the food they were eating while also teaching their kids about where food comes from and involving the entire family in the... Read More


Say you’ve already hopped on board and know that buying and eating locally grown food is more sustainable for the optimum well-being of your family’s health and for the growth of your community. You shop at your local mom &... Read More

Winter Veggies: Introducing Celeriac

Okay, first things first…. What is celeriac (AKA celery root)?  Nope, it’s not celery, but you’re close! Technically celery and celeriac are the same plant, but celeriac is grown for the root and celery is grown for the stalks. This... Read More

The Homegrown Family Kitchen Garden

We’ve been busier than ever this summer creating personalized plans and installing kitchen gardens for local clients. The biggest design we did this year was for Sam & Chad, a local couple who are both professionals in the health and... Read More

Guide to Growing Garlic

Fall is here, and that means it’s time to think about planting garlic! I prefer to plant garlic in the Fall in Wisconsin, so I have it come July when the tomatoes are ripening, and I am canning marinara sauce.... Read More

Confused on Carrots?

Carrots have been a favored veggie request in the garden this year along with many inquiries on growing tips & different varieties. We assume after seeing the bags of carrots in the grocery store that carrots are carrots, right?? Well,... Read More

Tomato Growing Tips!

We all love growing tomatoes.  They are a staple in the garden most gardeners can’t be without.  However, tomatoes are known to be a little high maintenance compared to other veggies.   Tomatoes start strong and healthy.  You start to see... Read More

Sick of fighting the potato bugs?

Do you love a perfect mash? Well, I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like. I get all sorts of excited when it comes time to start digging pounds of them out of the garden and piling them up. If... Read More