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How to Choose Healthy Plants for Your Kitchen Garden

The most important part of choosing healthy plants is that you pick varieties that grow well in your local area.  I live in Zone 5, but that doesn’t stop the big box stores near me from stocking vegetable and flower... Read More

7 Garden Mistakes to Avoid in Your Kitchen Garden

I’m all about offering tips and tricks to set you up for success in your garden, and sometimes that means letting you know the garden mistakes to avoid in your own kitchen gardens. How do I know these are mistakes?... Read More

How to Live the Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonally (Spring Edition)

Eating Seasonally: Spring Veggies Spring has sprung and you know what that means? Fresh veggies are back in season, baby! After a long winter of hearty meals and a lot of root vegetables, I’m ready to switch up my garden-to-table... Read More

Grow Your Own Leafy Greens: A Nutritious, Cost-Effective, and Pesticide-Free Solution for Healthy Eaters

Do you know where your leafy greens are coming from? More than 98% of our country’s leafy greens are grown in 2 places: US Salinas Valley, Ca and Yumas Valley, AZ. There is a cost to this: fuel, packaging, decreased... Read More

10 Cold-Hardy Flowers to Add Color to Your Spring Garden

As a Wisconsin gardener, I know that the cool season can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to adding color to your garden. But fear not, there are plenty of cold-hardy flowers that will add vibrancy to... Read More

Grow Your Own Herbs: Boost Your Health and Wellness (the natural way!)

Besides being the secret ingredient to flavor-packed recipes, garden herbs have a wide variety of health benefits. I’ve listed some easy-to-grow herbs to boost your health and wellness the natural way.  I encourage you to grow at least one variety... Read More

Why Your Kids Should Garden: Building Skills to Live a Healthy, Balanced Life

Incorporating a garden into your family’s routine helps your children build skills to live healthy, balanced lives, and that just one reason why your kids should garden. Take advantage of the natural opportunity to model and teach your kids the... Read More

How to Live the Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonally (Winter Edition)

Did you know winter is the season for unearthing? You know, unearthing: to find something in the ground by digging; to discover something hidden by investigation or searching. Do you know why? Well, prior to the grocery store landscape changing... Read More

Eating Clean: A Guide to Reading Product Labels and Making Healthy Choices

If you’ve ever thought about living a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably come across the term “eating clean.” But, do you really know how to eat clean, or would a guide to reading product labels help you out when it comes... Read More

Garden-to-Table Lifestyle: Eating Seasonal Foods (Fall Edition)

Despite the fantastic fall weather we’ve had, the transition to shorter, cooler days beckons us to transition into eating a different group of seasonal foods. And it’s not just because the cooler temps lead to smaller harvests in the garden;... Read More