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How to Make a Fresh-Cut Garden Flower Bouquet

Garden-to-table doesn’t always just mean the foods you eat. There are plenty of creative ways to bring your garden into your home and onto your table, like with a fresh-cut garden flower bouquet.  I’m sure you’ve seen the colorful bouquets... Read More

How to Grow Garlic

How to Grow Garlic, Harvest & Store Fall will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to think about planting garlic! I prefer to plant garlic in the fall in Wisconsin. That way, it is ready... Read More

Refrigerator Pickle Recipe for Quick Pickles Using Garden Veggies

This brine is a fantastic recipe to use as a base to make quick pickles using any garden veggie! I use it weekly for my cucumber and beans. Who doesn’t love fresh pickles on their plate to accompany your burger... Read More

June Harvest: 7 Things I’m Picking From My Garden This Month (and How I’m Using My Harvest!)

Want a little sneak peek into my weekly routine in the month of June? While I usually have to wait until late July/August for a big harvest in the Midwest, we’re still enjoying plenty of ripe fruits and veggies at... Read More

Eating with the Seasons – Summer Edition

The arrival of summer also means an abundance of in-season, delicious fruits and veggies to support your health and well-being. When produce is harvested at its peak ripeness, it’s actually more nutritious. And, it tastes better. Obviously, you can eat... Read More

How to Grow Edible Flowers in Your Kitchen Garden

Ready to elevate your garden and plate? Grow some edible flowers in your kitchen garden!  Who wouldn’t want to transform a traditional veggie patch into a vibrant haven of edible blooms?!  Some perks growing edible flowers include: How to Use... Read More

Proactive vs. Reactive in the Garden: 10 Tips to Fend Off Garden Diseases & Pests – Before They Happen

I know many of you garden to support your health, but have you ever looked at your garden as a parallel to your health? Like a garden, our bodies need a good environment to grow, healthy food, lots of water,... Read More

How to Choose Healthy Plants for Your Kitchen Garden

The most important part of choosing healthy plants is that you pick varieties that grow well in your local area.  I live in Zone 5, but that doesn’t stop the big box stores near me from stocking vegetable and flower... Read More