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The Gift I got from Getting my Hands Dirty.

AS FEATURED ON NO SIDEBAR My dirty journey started when I was young. I didn’t have stellar health as a child, despite the fact that I “looked” fine. I had an inflammatory disease called Kawasaki that attacks the heart at... Read More

Need a quick break from H20?

TRY THESE SIMPLE BEVERAGES! I used to crave the carbonation when I first cracked open that Diet Dr. Pepper years ago. Those days are long gone.  Now I have my water bottle in tow everywhere I go and most of... Read More

No Garden? No Problem!

It’s not too late to plants some yummy greens this fall! As fall is rapidly approaching here in Wisconsin,  I’m devastated by the thought that summer is coming to an end.  But luckily, the gardening season is far from over! We... Read More

It’s not just Hair.

MY EXPERIENCE . . . So most have you have read my bio or something where you have learned I had a severe anaphylactic reaction to a chemical in hair color.  I wanted to expand a little more on it... Read More

It’s Tomato Time!

The Seasonal  Midwest Antipasto! I long for fresh tomatoes all year, especially here in the Midwest.  Our window of growing is narrow.  They have a tendency to come all at once.  I feverishly preserve what I can and try to... Read More