This past fall we connected with the Weimer’s, a family wanting to take a little more control over the food they were eating while also teaching their kids about where food comes from and involving the entire family in the process of growing their own food.

They recently moved to a large property with a bunch of growing potential, but felt overwhelmed when contemplating where to start. Since the Weimer’s did have much garden experience, we developed a step-by-step action plan to build their confidence and create a clear direction for their garden.

Client: Wiemer Family

Location: Burlington, WI

Design: 35-acre homestead in the making (total gardening space: 256 sq. ft.)


With so much space to utilize, we broke this down into 3 phases to avoid the overwhelm of a huge project. Focusing on one phase at a time allows newer gardeners to concentrate on learning and honing their gardening skills with a proper set-up.

Phase 1: In Fall 2021 we installed a 10’x12’ L-shaped cedar bed kitchen garden along with another 4’x8’ cedar bed with a specialized lower height so the kiddos could have their own garden.

This garden installation has become a key part of a major lifestyle change for the whole family, and they want the kids to be completely involved in the gardening process. The family wanted to get their hands dirty and did their own DIY prep for the kitchen garden install, while we assembled the beds on site. We finished off this phase with a custom, locally-made moon arch.

Phase 2: In Spring 2022 we will install 2 4’x10’ additional beds with panel trellises.

Phase 3: Long-term goals include fruit tree crops with orchard maintenance. And who knows where else this property might take us along the way!

Favorite Part:

We really appreciated visiting Katie and Matt’s garden.  Seeing the garden in action makes it so much more tangible.  Also hearing about their trial and error was helpful.   It has helped me realize the journey that is involved with gardening and cooking. [And] Katie is extremely personable and transparent.  I felt very comfortable from the moment I met her.  I loved that she provided us with the ability to help build the actual garden.  Planting the garlic once the beds were complete made me happy”.

Plan to Expand:

“We approached this opportunity with a long-term mindset.   A garden and a healthy lifestyle is an evolving journey.” Stay tuned for Phase 2 (coming this spring!).